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Kathleen Coy, Lara, oil, 5 x 7.

Emerging Artists | Kathleen Coy

Colorado painter Kathleen Coy has been training her eye on the animal world for as long as she can remember. “I’m very inspired by line, gesture, and what’s underneath an animal—not just the bones and muscle, but the life force that animates it,” she says.
Tom Hughes, Winter Sun, oil, 28 x 32.

Emerging Artists | Tom Hughes

California artist Tom Hughes proficiently toggles between oils, watercolors, and acrylics, and his subject matter is equally diverse. He's as comfortable portraying a mountain tarn as he is painting working lobstermen.
Allie Zeyer, After the Harvest, oil, 12 x 16.

Emerging Artists | Allie Zeyer

The area near Allie Zeyer's home boasts views of the Boise Mountains to the north and the Owyhee Range to the southwest, but more often than not, the plein-air artist looks to the valley’s bucolic interior for inspiration.
Chuck Middlekauff, Broad Side of the Barn, water media, 40 x 30.

Chuck Middlekauff | On the Road Again

Chuck Middlekauff’s mixed-media artworks feature bold colors and designs that lure viewers into a cheerful world of yesteryear. To many observers, Middlekauff is part of a cadre of like-minded creatives often referred to as “artists of the new West” or “western pop artists.”
Aleksey and Olga Ivanov, Lavender, tempera, 14 x 11.

Olga and Aleksey Ivanov | In Sync

Working mostly with tempera paint, classically trained painters Olga and Aleksey Ivanov have made art a team endeavor. Each artist contributes equally to the paintings they create in their Colorado studio, bringing an ostensibly outmoded art medium into the modern era.
Mike Weber, American Milker, mixed media, 48 x 48.

Mike Weber | Bridging Worlds

In his vibrant portrayals of wildlife and domesticated animals, Mike Weber is not only mixing materials and creative processes; he's also mixing imagery and associations from the pop-art world and the natural world.
Deborah Tilby, White Boats on a Beach, oil, 18 x 24.

Deborah Tilby | A Natural Observer

Deborah Tilby's observant nature—combined with natural talent and an expertise gained largely through dedicated self-education—has earned the artist widespread admiration as a painter of landscapes and seascapes in a contemporary impressionistic style.