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Here you’ll find art articles and art interviews on some of your favorite painters and sculptors of the West as well as upcoming artists. The editors of Southwest Art bring you in-depth art interviews and profiles, as well as behind-the-scenes tours of beautiful art studios and stories about current art events. Search for artists we’ve covered in the past, or discover new and emerging artists by checking back often to see the art articles we’ve added most recently!

John Huerta Jr., Dramatic Entrance, oil, 18 x 24.

Emerging Artists | John Huerta Jr.

Utah artist John Huerta Jr. reaps the benefits of working both in his studio and outdoors, viewing his studio time as an opportunity to “infuse” his plein-air observations with additional artistic interpretation and emotion.
Abigail Gutting, Into the Light, oil, 20 x 16.

Abigail Gutting | Tales of the West

Idaho-based artist Abigail Gutting’s paintings tell modern tales about the contemporary West, but her works also emanate a certain nostalgic sensibility, as if the scenes could have taken place in a bygone era.
David Dibble, Leftovers, oil, 48 x 48.

David Dibble | Western Heritage

Utah artist David Dibble depicts barns throughout the American West in rich, atmospheric hues, cataloging these icons of farm culture while also honoring and immortalizing them in the contemporary canon.
Kelli Folsom, Breath of Springtime, oil, 12 x 16.

Artists of Note | Kelli Folsom

Early on in her studies, artist Kelli Folsom zeroed in on the dramatic light-and-shadow effects captured by artists ranging from Caravaggio to Rembrandt. Naturally, in her own work today, light and shadow play a leading role.
Jennifer Cavan, Sunset’s Song, oil pastel, 30 x 40.

Jennifer Cavan: Spirit of Place

Jennifer Cavan creates award-winning paintings that convey the timeless essence of her adopted home, expressing her feelings about New Mexico in vivid colors and intentionally simplified forms.
Michael Tatom, Quarter Horse, bronze, h12.

Michael Tatom | The Bronze Menagerie

Sculptor Michael Tatom’s discerning eye and entrepreneurial spirit have led him to create ever-larger works and also scaled-down jewelry pieces, all of which add to his ever-expanding menagerie of bronze, silver, and gold animals.

Emerging Artists | Donald Yatomi

In his loosely painted urban and industrial scenes, artist Donald Yatomi uses a combination of brushes, knives, spatulas, squeegees, aluminum rulers, and T squares. “A lot of the subject matter I paint is so quiet,” he explains. “I feel like it needs a bit of motion and noise.”