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Charlie Burk: Journey In Abstraction

The Abstracted Landscape

Burk has been meticulously exploring these kinds of landscapes for years now, and a new book available at Winterowd Fine Art in Santa Fe celebrates his rich artistic career.
Black Bridge Autumn by Cody DeLong.

Editor’s Letter | A Focus on Beauty

The modern world, with all its struggle and turmoil, gives us far too many opportunities to see what is negative. But the elegance of form, composition, and expression that we find in fine art can lift our spirits above the din.
Come Around Back by Kathie Odom.

Editor’s Letter | The Winding Road

No matter which particular road an artist might take, it’s likely to have a few more bumps along the way than one might encounter in many other professions. But most every artist agrees that it’s worth it.
Honored Warrior by David Wright.

Editor’s Letter | A Season of Shows

Without question, fall is my favorite season in the art world. There are so many top-notch shows to see. It would be wonderful to attend them all, but since that’s not possible for most of us, here are a few highlights from events that have already taken place.
Counting the Hours by Rick Bartow at the Autry Museum.

Editor’s Letter | Honoring Rick Bartow

Earlier this summer I was in the coastal town of Newport, OR, in the lobby of the Sylvia Beach Hotel, when a few framed drawings on the wall caught my eye. I knew the imagery was familiar, and sure enough, they were little gems by Rick Bartow, a prominent Native American...

Apache by John Nieto.

Editor’s Letter | In Memoriam

The western art community has lost two important members over the past few months. As sad as it is to see them go, it’s one of the wonderful things about fine art that we can remember them and their legacy through the works they leave with us.