Emerging Artists

Art collectors interested in learning about today’s top emerging artists can find everything they need right here. These hot, new emerging artists encompass a wide variety of styles and genres, including plein-air painting, landscapes, still lifes, wildlife, western paintings, and more. Many of these emerging contemporary artists have won awards in highly respected art competitions. You’ll also learn about the many galleries for emerging artists—a great source for purchasing artworks by these rising stars.

Cathy Weiss, The Matriarch—Vanishing Fast, oil, 24 x 32.

Artists to Watch | Cathy Weiss

A lifelong animal lover, wildlife artist Cathy Weiss has naturally gravitated toward creating portraits of creatures both feathered and furred, and endangered species fill much of her oeuvre.
Ryan Kirby, Elk Crossing Guard, oil, 24 x 30.

Emerging Artists | Ryan Kirby

Wildlife artist Ryan Kirby enjoys uniquely intimate glimpses of the animals he paints, often coming face-to-face with most of his subjects in their natural habitats in the wilderness.