21 Over 31 | Peregrine Heathcote

By Bonnie Gangelhoff

The Best Is Yet To Come, oil, 24 x 18.

What inspired your winning entry? A youthful expectation of traveling alone to somewhere new for the first time, the excitement of new people and places, and the thrill of the journey.
What was your reaction upon hearing the news that you were selected? I was surprised and happy.
Do you come from an artistic background? My mother was a ballet dancer early in her career, traveling all over Europe dancing lead roles, after which she became an artist and designer.
Where did you study art? I studied my techniques in Florence, Italy, for three years.
What is your favorite subject matter, and why? Mysterious beauty, an intimate moment between a couple, different textures, and the motion of wind in fabrics.
What is the best advice you have ever received? Follow your dreams, work hard, and you can achieve what you want if you really want it.
What is the most meaningful recognition you have received for your artwork? One of my new pieces being purchased by the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Collection.
What is the one thing people will never see you paint? Mediocrity.
Future goals? To take my work to new audiences and make my mark on the history of art.
Representation: Bonner David Galleries, Scottsdale, AZ; Cavalier Galleries, Greenwich, CT, and Nantucket, MA; Newbury Fine Arts, Boston, MA; Sammer Gallery, Marbella, Spain; Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa; Albemarle Gallery, London, England; www.peregrineheathcote.com.

Featured in our annual “21 Over 31” competition in November 2010

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