Editor’s Letter

By Kristin Bucher

Announcing a fresh new look for Southwest Art


This is a very special issue of Southwest Art magazine: In its pages you’ll discover our brand-new look for the first time. For nearly a year, our editorial team has been reimagining and retooling our approach, and we hope you’ll be pleased with the results.

Why redesign? As a magazine devoted to visual art, we always want to be visually fresh and appealing. But more than that, one of our highest goals is to feature artwork that is beautiful, evocative, and compelling; our new look allows this art to be the star of every page. You’ll find more images, and larger images, from start to finish. You’ll also find a stylish new typeface and, in our feature articles, sidebars that enliven and enrich the stories.

You’ll also find a bigger and better “Best of the West” section that brings together information on upcoming art events and news from previous events, all organized into four geographic regions with handy maps. All of the event listings are now in one place, making your gallery-hopping and travel plans that much easier. You’ll find our popular “Artists to Watch” and “Art Values” columns right after the Best of the West section.


In addition to our design changes, there are some exciting developments in content, too. In the coming months, we’ll bring you intriguing new ways of looking at and thinking about the art world: opinions from the experts, personal stories from artists and collectors, features on unique art destinations, and historical context that enriches your appreciation of today’s artists.

In the midst of these changes for the better, it’s worth noting the elements of Southwest Art that won’t be changing: first and foremost, our commitment to bringing you the very best artwork being created in the western United States. That holds true whether the subject matter is landscapes, figures, still lifes, wildlife, or something else, and whether the artists are established or emerging, traditional or contemporary.

What could be more appropriate than to kick off our new look with this issue on landscape painting, which you’ve told us is unquestionably your favorite artistic subject. It’s one of my favorites, too, and below you’ll find some comments I loved from this month’s featured artists.

This special new issue is the result of tremendous hard work from the entire editorial team. Credit goes especially to our talented art director, David Cox, but it wouldn’t have been possible without associate art director Shannon Saddler and editors Bonnie Gangelhoff, Suzanne Venino, and Courtney Carpenter. All of us welcome your comments as we strive to make Southwest Art your favorite art magazine, bar none.

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