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Pursuing one’s own interests in art collecting is, of course, key for any patron. But it is rare for a collector or buyer not to give the timeless genre of landscape painting a strong presence in his or her holdings, which is why Art Collecting Special Report from Southwest Art: Landscape Paintings for Your Art Collection is a key resource and guide for any art collector with landscape paintings in mind.

The tradition of landscape painting is one that has existed for centuries in the Western world, dating back to Minoan Greece in 1500 BCE. It also has strong ties to the ancient art of China. Despite this longevity, landscape oil paintings are continually created by contemporary artists today as well, with results that still surprise and intrigue viewers, curators, and the more art-collecting minded.

Landscapes—paintings that show nature-based scenes in all four seasons and across all elements found in the great outdoors—are incredibly popular, both on the side of the artists who take great pleasure in painting nature and with those art collecting buyers who pursue landscape painting for their art collections. The result is a great number of landscape paintings to choose from.


Merge Your Love of Outdoors with Your Landscape Art Collection

A landscape painting art collection can contain landscape oil paintings, plein air paintings, acrylic landscape paintings, and more. It can be wide-ranging in subject matter, style, and era, or it can be specialized and focused. It all depends on your desires for your art collection. Such a vast number of choices can be intimidating when honing an art collection, but in Art Collecting Special Report from Southwest Art: Landscape Paintings for Your Art Collection you find recommendations of inspiring landscape painters working today who have the skill and vision to create powerful paintings that will be appreciated more and more as time goes on.

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The Art of Collecting Landscapes

First you will read about Josh Watson, surely an artist to watch as he creates paintings out of his home state of Arizona, and who feels a deep connection to the outdoors as a hunter, fisherman, and reputable artist. No matter where your focus lies for landscape painting art collecting, you will discover landscape artists worthy of any art collection. Why? These are a group of artists handpicked by the editors and staff of Southwest Art magazine. The artists all have a deep love for nature and the artistry of landscape painting and that affection is what inspires them to create distinctive landscape oil paintings, acrylic landscape paintings, and more. The works capture a special sense of place and time, and expose the deep and abiding importance that landscapes, paintings of nature, and plein air paintings have in the history of art.

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Grow Your Landscape Painting Collection

This guide to collecting landscape paintings also features works by Stock Schlueter, who creates landscape paintings of Northern California’s waterways, mountains, and the surprisingly appealing places in between. The works are subtle, boldly composed, and find the perfect balance between the natural and manmade world.

The majesty of the Rocky Mountains is what you’ll find in the plein-air paintings of David W. Mayer. The scenery is complexly colored, celebrates the small moments, and is a fresh take on the time-honored impressionist style.

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Capture Nature in All Its Glory with Landscape Art

With Elio Camacho, who is also profiled in Art Collecting Special Report from Southwest Art: Landscape Paintings for Your Art Collection, anyone focused on art collecting will find an artist worthy of attention. With his ability to capture nature in all its glory, Camacho proves how vital and appealing landscape painting can and will always be.

No matter the scope or specificity, a landscape painting art collection is sure to give satisfaction to its owner for years to come. With this free guide, the art collector can make well-informed choices because the artists featured are simply some of the best landscape painting artists working today.

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