Southwest Art Free Art Collecting Guides and Resources

Are you new to collecting art and looking for free resources and guides to inspire your collection? Look no further as Southwest Art has hand-selected some of the greatest guides to getting started and even advancing your art knowledge!

wildlife paintings

Wildlife Art and Animal Paintings for your Art Collection

There are few subjects more captivating than animals in their natural habitat, which is why it’s no surprise that wildlife has inspired artists since the beginning of time. But that sheer variety of animal paintings available also entails that it can be hard to choose what to collect. Not so, with this guide. Read More…

cowboy paintings

All About Cowboy Paintings & Western Art

You might be surprised at the diversity there is to be found within the world of western art & cowboy pictures. Mixed media art, canvas oil paintings, and watercolor artists: they’re all here in this guide. Read More…

still life paintings

Collecting Still Life Paintings

We collated knowledge on the modern masters of still life so that you can curate a collection of still life oil paintings to be admired for decades to come. Read More…

landscape paintings

Collecting Landscape Paintings

In this free collectors’ guide, you will find recommendations of inspiring landscape painters working today who have the skill and vision to create powerful paintings that will be appreciated more and more as time goes on. Read More…

american painters

American Artists and Painters

Find artists whose works are the best of the best and whose careers as American art creators are surely on the rise. Read More…