Special Feature | Magnificent Obsession

Welcome to our special feature spotlighting 18 
art collectors from Long Island to La Jolla.

Some are relative newcomers to the collecting 
world, while others have been gathering artworks for more than 45 years. The collections range in size from a modest 30 artworks all the way up to 650.

We hope they will inspire you to start a 
collection of your own or add something new 
to your treasure trove.


Randel and Dana Shadid

Shannon Robinson

Jay and Mary Linda Strotkamp

Tim Newton

Joyce and Roland Jones

Stephanie and Bill Birdsall

Richard and Carole Tapper

Howard and Penny Chambers

Tuffy and Shirley Holland

Mark Sublette

Hank and Mary Beckman

Lonn Apfel

Orrin and Karen Gabsch

Charles and Jeanette White

Jack and Martha Wolff

Carol Schmitz

Leland and LaRita Boren

Duffy and Tina Oyster

Featured in October 2011.