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Six painters share their interpretations of water in the landscape

Bruce Gómez

Lara’s Gunnison, pastel, 15 x 22.

“LARA’S GUNNISON came about while I was driving by the river east of Gunnison, CO, just as I have for 23 years, waiting until finally I caught this lazy, late-afternoon view on my way to Telluride to drop off paintings for Telluride Gallery. My water pieces usually depict the drama of Telluride, Aspen, or the Snowy Range as a backdrop, but I just had to capture the meandering greens and purples here together with the haze that I’d never been able to encapsulate before.”

Abend Gallery, Denver, CO; Telluride Gallery of Fine Art, Telluride, CO; www.brucegomezart.com.

Upcoming Shows
Landscape Show, Abend Gallery, through August 20.
Pastel Invitational, Abend Gallery, August 26-September 24.
City group show, Abend Gallery, September 30-October 29.
Sedona Plein Air Festival, Sedona, AZ, October 21-29.

Larry Moore

The Point, oil, 20 x 24.

“I grew up on the eastern coast of Florida on the Banana River, just 10 blocks from the beach. My life was filled with surfing, sailing, waterskiing, swimming, and fishing. Not surprisingly, water became something of great importance to me. It soothes and humbles at the same time. A lot of my work is based around the Atlantic, the Pacific, and rivers and streams wherever I find them. More than anything else, I paint these things to feel good, to connect with the biggest influence in my life, my source. Ever stand at the edge of an ocean for hours and watch it change? It will change you. This is what I do for a living.”

James J. Reiser Fine Art, Carmel, CA; Anderson Fine Art Gallery, St. Simons Island, GA; Be on Park, Winter Park, FL; Meghan Candler Gallery, Vero Beach, FL; Arts on Douglas Fine Art and Collectibles, New Smyrna Beach, FL; Grand Bohemian Gallery, Orlando, FL; Walls Fine Art Gallery, Wilmington, NC; Horton Hayes Fine Art, Charleston, SC; www.larrymoorestudios.com.


Sara Winters

Highway 290 Sunset, oil, 22 x 30.

“I was groggy and had big plastic bug eyes taped to my face coming home after LASIK surgery when my mom spotted this scene. I am so grateful she stopped. How many people drove past that view without taking a second glance? The most mundane portions of daily life can be breathtakingly beautiful if we look at them with joy and wonder. All too often I pass over great painting spots because I’m not in the right frame of mind. I find myself learning and relearning that attitude can make or break any experience, and the painting process is no exception. Emotions felt while painting always come out in the finished piece, so it is very important to approach every project with a vote of self-confidence and a brush loaded with excitement!”

Whistle Pik Galleries, Fredericksburg, TX; www.sarawintersart.com.

Upcoming Show
Fall Show, Whistle Pik Galleries, November 1-30.


Debra Huse

Regatta Face-Off, oil, 30 x 30.

“The Newport Beach harbor is very beautiful in all kinds of light and atmosphere. This was one of those late summer afternoons where the boats were positioning for the regatta start. The featured boat is the Violetta, on which I was lucky enough to be for the latest regatta. The sounds of the sails snapping and sailors calling out commands—along with how close they get [to other boats] to gain the upper hand—is exhilarating. The building in the background is a Newport Beach historic landmark called the Balboa Pavilion. I chose to put the foreground in shadow to accentuate the beautiful late-afternoon light on the boats and sailors. The scenario creates an interesting tension and a great subject to enjoy color and brushwork.”

Debra Huse Gallery, Balboa Island, CA; Knowlton Gallery, Lodi, CA; Tomales Fine Art, Tomales, CA; www.debrahuse.com.

Upcoming Shows
Just Plein Fun, Balboa Island, CA, August 1-5.
Plein Air Curaçao, August 27-September 3.
Laguna Beach Plein Air Invitational, Laguna Beach, CA, October 9-16.


John Comer

View From the Palapa, oil, 18 x 24.

“VIEW FROM THE PALAPA is of a beach that was unchanged until several years ago. Now, after the bulldozers, there is a mega-mansion, beach bar, high rises, cabanas for sale waiting to be taken by the next hurricane, masseuses, jazz singers, tourists in the rip tide with umbrellas drowning in their drinks. Yes, the circus is in town. But from this view, under the old palapa, you can see none of this, only what has always been. The dry desert rolling down to viridian waves, snapping on the sandbars. So I have painted it as it was—as I saw it 30 years ago, driving up the broken dirt road on the Tropic of Cancer.”

Waterhouse Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA; Art Expressions Gallery, San Diego, CA; George Stern Fine Arts, West Hollywood, CA; Galeria de Ida Victoria, San Jose Del Cabos, Mexico; Galleria Indigo, Todos Santos, Mexico; www.johncomer.com.


Cydney Springer

Summer Afternoon at Loch Vale, oil, 18 x 24.

“The mountains and their pristine lakes, rivers, and streams never fail to inspire me. Loch Vale is a valley of the most spectacular hanging lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park. The first lake, The Loch, at 10,180 feet, is my very favorite hike in the entire park, and I try every summer to make the trek there. An abundance of alpine wildflowers abound along its edges, and its waters are so crystal clear you can watch sun-glinted trout gently swimming along the rocky bottom. It is surrounded by ancient glaciers that feed the lake throughout the summer. If you hit a day there when we are having one of our incredible blue Colorado skies, it is just magical.”

Elk Horn Fine Art, Winter Park, CO; Vertical Peaks Fine Art, Jackson, WY; Greenberg Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM; www.cydneyspringer.com.

Upcoming Show
Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters 10th Anniversary Show, Wild Spirit Gallery, Pagosa Springs, CO, through August 7.

Featured in August 2011.