Hiu Lai Chong, All Aboard, oil, 18 x 14.

Hiu Lai Chong | No Formula

Chong has participated in plein-air painting events around the country, enormously expanding her experience of this part of the world and its cultures and people, all while having fun, selling paintings, and winning awards.
Jeffery R. Pugh, White House, oil, 30 x 30.

Jeffery R. Pugh | Home & Family

While Pugh generally keeps a “blank mind” when sketching and photographing, allowing himself to be drawn intuitively and viscerally to certain scenes, once back in the studio he often discovers recurring themes—which overwhelmingly relate to family and home.
Douglas Aagard, Fire and Rain, oil, 36 x 24.

Douglas Aagard | In Living Color

In addition to featuring color and light, Aagard’s paintings demonstrate his penchant for creating rich, lush textures. He works almost exclusively with a palette knife, wielding the tool to apply, layer, and push paint around the canvas.