Michele Usibelli, Winter Escape, acrylic, 18 x 24.

Michele Usibelli | Dappled Light

Survey even a small portfolio of paintings by Michele Usibelli, and—while you would immediately recognize the bold self-assurance of her composition, palette, and brushwork—you might find yourself hard-pressed to categorize her work.

The Interview Issue

In the following pages you’ll meet gallerists and museum professionals who are breaking new ground—both literally and figuratively—and proving that the western art world is an exciting place to be.
Shanna Kunz, Tributary, oil, 26 x 38.

Shanna Kunz | Landscapes of the Heart

Kunz quickly discovered that an important factor for expressing her authentic voice involved producing her paintings as series, in which she explores a particular location through as many as a dozen different works.
Josh Elliott, Almost Autumn, oil, 35 x 32.

Josh Elliott | In the Backcountry

For him, gritty realism doesn’t have to be depressing but can express other sentiments like journeys, struggles, triumphs, or feelings of belonging. In other words, gritty realism can express the human condition.