Emerging Artists | 21 Under 31 Winners

By Bonnie Gangelhoff

It’s time once again for Southwest Art’s annual spotlight on emerging artists. We introduce you to 21 artists who are under 31 years of age—fresh faces leading the way into the future with their talent and creativity. Get a glimpse of their universes as they share their hopes, dreams, and fears. These rising stars are beginning to make their mark on the art world, attracting the attention of gallery owners and collectors across the country. This is their space to introduce themselves to you and our way to help them launch their promising careers.

1st place

2nd place

3rd place

Honorable mentions

Chris S. Phillips

Sara Scribner

Justin Hess

Eric Suchowesky

Taaron Parsons

Rob Rey

Ian Marion

Jason Daniel Jackson

Katie Melanson

Caleb Meyer

Andrea Kowch

Erin Anderson

Robin Johnson

Erika Baez

Whitney Michelle Hall

Yen-Ching Chang

Charles Williams

Clinton Broyles