Artistic Excellence 2017

We are happy to present the winners of this year’s Artistic
Excellence competition

The competition is open to artists around the world, with no restrictions on medium or subject matter. This year we received nearly 2,000 entries, but the 13 works shown on the following pages are the ones that most captured our attention. The winning artists hail from across the United States as well as from Canada, France, the United Kingdom, and China. On page 74, you’ll find a sampling of works from our 100 finalists—entries that made it to the final round of judging. Congratulations to all!

By Km Agricola

First Place | Anna Rosa Bain






Second Place | Sam Dolman






Third Place | Rob Rey






Honorable Mention | Cecile Baird






Honorable Mention | Michael Fitzpatrick






Honorable Mention | Robin Damore






Honorable Mention | Thomas W. Schaller






Honorable Mention | Mostafa Keyhani






Honorable Mention | Brenda Lee Gibson






Honorable Mention | Bruce Lawes






Honorable Mention | Zhu Liangchuan






Honorable Mention | Laurence Saunois






Honorable Mention | Stephanie Deshpande