Artistic Excellence 2016 | Second Place: Marion Tubiana


Marion Tubiana, Belenos, oil, 32 x 32.

Marion Tubiana, Belenos, oil, 32 x 32.

What inspired your winning entry? This painting was inspired by a photograph taken by Andy Wilson. I interpreted the contrasts and light to capture what I wanted to convey to viewers.

How would you describe your style? Conveying soul and emotion in my paintings is my primary goal. I paint with my heart. I paint what I feel so that more than realism emerges from my paintings. I try to capture something that will accomplish more than a photo can.

Did you pursue other careers before you became a full-time artist? I have a graphic design diploma.

What inspires you to paint a scene? The light, the eyes, and expressions inspire me. The canvas must speak to me so that I can take my turn to speak to it! And of course, animals inspire me.

What is your creative process? I spend a lot of time choosing the photographs that inspire me. Then I think about the light I will put in the painting and the message I’d like to get across. After that, the brushes guide me.

What’s the most meaningful recognition you’ve received for your artwork? The messages I receive from people who love my work. When my paintings touch those who view them, for me it is the greatest recognition.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Do not let go, and believe in your dreams.

What is one thing you’ll never paint? A spider! This is my phobia.

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be? A veterinarian. Animals are essential in my life every day.

When you’re not painting, what do you enjoy doing? I ride my horse and spend time with my pets and my family.

What galleries represent your work? The Chimera Gallery, Mullingar, Ireland; L’art en Tête, La Ferté-Imbault, Centre, France.

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