Artistic Excellence 2014 | Honorable Mention: Jonathan Ahn


Jonathan Ahn, Through Thick and Thin, oil, 14 x 14.

Jonathan Ahn, Through Thick and Thin, oil, 14 x 14.

What inspired your winning entry? THROUGH THICK AND THIN depicts a scene from my time in Paris, France. In the painting, an elderly couple strolls side-by-side slowly down a quiet Paris street, and their affection for each other is plain to see. I wanted to express that enduring bond in paint. Those important human connections fuel my desire to paint, so that I may express that concept in a pictorial scene and hopefully re-experience that initial emotional response.

What do you enjoy about painting city scenes? It has always been exciting to paint cityscapes because there is so much human interaction and drama occurring throughout any city. All it takes is for me to keep my eyes open and carry my plein-air box around with me at all times, in the hopes of capturing one such slice of the bustle of an urban scene.

What’s your favorite artwork by another artist? One artist who I think mastered the full depth of human emotion in his artwork is Andrew Wyeth. In particular, Wyeth’s painting CHRISTINA’S WORLD wonderfully communicates the forlorn, romantic, and tragic mood that encompasses the incredible painting. Since I personally aspire to convey drama through my paintings, CHRISTINA’S WORLD has always had a profound influence on me.

What galleries represent your work? Waterhouse Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA; Silvana Gallery, Glendale, CA.

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