21 Under 31: Young Artists to Watch in 2018: Stephanie Thomson


Stephanie Thomson, Falconry Bells, oil, 9 x 12.

Stephanie Thomson, Falconry Bells, oil, 9 x 12.

Art Education: I’ve chosen to study with master artists personally since graduating high school three years ago, rather than entering a traditional art school.

Style: When I paint, I strive not to consider style. Instead I ask myself what quality of my subject is exciting my interest, and I paint that.

Creative Spark: As perhaps the most easily pleased person you’ll ever know, everything is a creative trigger for me. I’m truly fascinated by everything, and I see ideas for paintings even when my eyes are closed.

Other Passions: Falconry. I’ve been a licensed falconer for six years, and I name my birds after master artists.

Best Advice Received: To work hard, to paint with intention, to check my ego at the studio door, and to paint everything.
Biggest Fear:
I try not to think about what I’m afraid of and take every opportunity instead. One fear I can’t seem to shake, however, is of the day my palette knife breaks.

Mantra or Motto: I strive to live with integrity, kindness, and resourcefulness.

Favorite Studio Music: It changes. Last summer I spent weeks listening to audio books about the economic climate of third-world countries. I favored classical music over the winter, and I spent some time with Harry Potter in the spring.

Favorite Work by Another Artist: Everything Anders Zorn ever did kills me with its beauty.

Future Goals: To continue to live just outside of my comfort zone and remain a student of my pencil and paintbrush forever.

Representation: www.stephaniepaigethomson.com.

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