21 Under 31: Young Artists to Watch in 2018: Riley Doyle


Riley Doyle, Reconnect, oil, 48 x 77.

Riley Doyle, Reconnect, oil, 48 x 77.

Art Education: My mother was an art teacher, and she nurtured my creative interests from a very young age. I remember being exposed to the rules of proportions for the face and body in elementary school. In high school I focused my artistic energy on graphic design and photography classes. I attended Metropolitan State University in Denver for printmaking. I left the program early to study at the Georgetown Atelier in Seattle, WA. I finished that program in 2016 and was lucky enough to attend the Hudson River Fellowship that summer.

Style: Something between realism and impressionism. I love making things look realistic, but I am equally in love with more painterly effects.

Creative Spark: I am mostly inspired by nature. There are moments where I feel strong intuitive clarity and presence, and they typically happen out in nature when I am not looking for them.

Other Passions: I enjoy skateboarding, swimming, and the occasional blues harmonica jam.

Mantra or Motto: “You can only chase what’s running from you.” It’s my phrasing on an old idea that speaks to letting go of some control and allowing your inner vision to come forth uncoerced. It always seems relevant to me, whether I am painting or not.

Favorite Work by Another Artist: I think Michelangelo’s PIETÀ will always resonate on a deep level with me.

Future Goals: Right now I have two other jobs, so I am really trying to transition out of one or both of them so I can have more time in the studio.

Representation: www.rileydoyleart.com.

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