21 Under 31: Young Artists to Watch in 2018: Kristen Eisenbraun

South Carolina

Kristen Eisenbraun, No Man’s Land, oil, 45 x 60.

Kristen Eisenbraun, No Man’s Land, oil, 45 x 60.

Art Education: My art education has been an ongoing journey as I pick up knowledge everywhere I can. When I was 19 I attended Montana State University as a fine-art major, but due to the fact that I am extremely dyslexic, the academic life of a university did not suit me and I only stayed for a year. More recently, I spent a year in New York City studying at the New York Academy of Art and taking workshops at other New York schools.

Style: I have a realistic style, which I use to capture my favorite subject, people. I have a very extensive imagination, and I like to express it in my art and inspire my audience to unleash their imagination, as well.

Creative Spark: My ideas always come to me when I’m doing something other than art. I usually see one thing that catches my attention. It can be a single object or a beautiful color. Then I think of something I would like to paint in that color, and from there, a whole scene takes form.

Other Passions: I am an avid nature lover. If there is a mountain in sight, I must climb it! The more time I can spend outdoors, the happier I am. I also love exploring the Smoky Mountains on my motorcycle.

One Thing People Don’t Know About You: I spent a brief stint working as a mechanic for Ferrari in Texas.

Biggest Fear: Not having enough time in my life to paint everything I see in my imagination.

Favorite Studio Music: Right now I’m really into a Scottish rock band called Celtica – Pipes Rock. They get me dancing while I paint.

Favorite Work by Another Artist: BACK by Odd Nerdrum.

Representation: www.artistkristeneisenbraun.com.

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