21 Under 31: Young Artists to Watch in 2018: Forrest Dickison


Forrest Dickison, Spring on the Clearwater, oil, 24 x 36.

Forrest Dickison, Spring on the Clearwater, oil, 24 x 36.

Art Education: I studied with Daniel Keys at The Palette Project, and I received a bachelor’s degree in fine art from the University of Idaho. The rest comes from life, books, and the internet (in that order).

Style: I’m currently imitating the depth and realism of Isaac Levitan, the brushwork of George Carlson, and the compositional precision of Hiroshi Yoshida. Ask me again in a week.

Creative Spark: Light of all kinds.

Second-Choice Career: I think I would don a wet suit and scuba gear and become a marine biologist, and hunt for treasures in my spare time.

Other Passions: I love everything about animation, especially when it’s hand-drawn. I also love basketball, both playing and watching it.

One Thing People Don’t Know About You: I’m a full-time illustrator, mostly for children’s books.

Pet Peeve: That sneaky bit of paint that has no identifiable source, yet it manages to leave its mark on everything you own.

Quirkiest Trait: You’d have to ask my lovely wife, but since she’s not sitting next to me at the moment, I guess we’ll never know.

Mantra or Motto: “Think like turtle, paint like rabbit.” Or something to that effect. I can’t remember who said this.

Favorite Studio Music: Johnny Cash, bluegrass, folk, and occasionally Weezer.

Favorite Work by Another Artist: If we’re limiting this to a work I’ve seen in person, it would probably have to be a fantastic little study of a Viking ship by N.C. Wyeth. The blues in that sky stick with me to this day.

Future Goals: Direct an animated feature film.

Price Range: $200 to $8,900.

Representation: Montana Gallery, Billings, MT; Meyer Gallery, Park City, UT.

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