21 Under 31: Young Artists to Watch in 2018: Charity Anderson


Charity Anderson, Golden Hills Twilight, oil, 12 x 21.

Charity Anderson, Golden Hills Twilight, oil, 12 x 21.

Art Education: I studied at Brigham Young University–Idaho, and I graduated with my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2015. I absolutely loved my education and owe everything I am today to the art faculty there.

Style: Impressionistic.

Creative Spark: Going on painting trips with other artists and sharing in the excitement of hiking throughout and painting this beautiful world.

Second-Choice Career: Something that involves animals.

Other Passions: Hiking, camping, and traveling.

One Thing People Don’t Know About You: I am part Cherokee Indian, and the Cherokee culture has played an important role in my family’s traditions.

Best Advice Received: Correct value helps a painting read, and color
is all relative.

Biggest Fear: Heights.

Pet Peeve: Forgetting paper towels when I go plein-air painting.

Quirkiest Trait: I stick my tongue out when I’m trying to focus.

Mantra or Motto: “I may not be right, but I am certain,” adopted from a quote by John Burton. I’ve come to learn that it means to approach painting with confidence. Even if the shape, color, or value isn’t correct, making a mark with confidence will result in making strong decisions, and then you can correct and adjust details as necessary.

Favorite Studio Music: It depends on the day. I mostly listen to instrumental or classical music, but if I need a boost to start a tough painting, I put on my gym playlist.

Favorite Work by Another Artist: Claude Monet’s ON THE BANK OF THE SEINE, BENNECOURT. I also have been enjoying studying works by Matt Smith and Frank Serrano.

Future Goals: I would love to have my work in multiple galleries, have a solo show one day, and travel to Europe to paint.

Price Range: $250 to $5,000.

Representation: Studio Seven Arts, Pleasanton, CA.

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