21 Under 31 Winners

By Bonnie Gangelhoff

Welcome back to our annual feature on emerging artists under 31 years of age. Every year since 2000 we’ve undertaken the challenging but wonderful task of finding the next generation of rising stars. This year we again held a competition that welcomed artists around the world, and two of the winners live outside the United States. All of them have bright futures ahead!

Cesar Santos

Robert Christian Hemme

Eugeniu Chisnicean

Andrea Orr (She’s also this month’s cover artist)

Erica Pollock

Josh Clare

David Cheifetz

Jahaziel Minor

Derek Penix

Nathaniel C. Praska

David McLeod

Mark Andrew Bailey

Pat Hobaugh

Sangita Phadke

Michael Parker

Mia Bergeron

Mike Miller

Richard T. Scott

Rebecca Latham

Stanislav Prokopenko

Kyle Pettis