21 Under 31: Young Artists to Watch in 2014

Our annual spotlight on emerging artists

By Bonnie Gangelhoff

Welcome to our annual showcase for emerging artists. In the following pages we introduce you to 21 artists under the age of 31—rising stars from across the country who represent the future of realism today. Their chosen genres include landscape, figurative, still-life, and wildlife painting. They have studied at top art schools from coast to coast, and our cover artist, Brittany Weistling, has studied mainly with her parents, full-time artists Morgan Weistling and JoAnn Peralta. Peruse the following pages, and we think you will concur that the future looks bright for both representational art and these talented young artists.

0914LeslieDuk_BIOLeslie Duke





0914BrittanyWeistling_BIOBrittany Weistling





0914TJCunningham_BIOTJ Cunningham





0914MarkMcKenna_BIOMark McKenna





0914ArinMartin_BIOArin Martin





0914TerraaNovak_BIOTerra Novak





0914BrettScheifflee_BIOBrett Scheifflee





0914DannyRobbins_BIODaniel Robbins





0914DestinyBowman_BIODestiny Bowman





0914JuliaMaddalina_BIOJulia Maddalina





0914PatrickDuke_BIOPatrick Duke





0914MervynVowles_BIOMervyn Vowles





0914MeishaGrichuhin_BIOMeisha Grichuhin





0914KaseyNixon_BIOKasey Nixon





0914MeghanSours_BIOMeghan N. Sours





0914DerekHarrison_BIODerek Harrison





0914SamEnriquez_BIOSamuel Enriquez





0914YoungJiCha_BIOYoung-Ji Cha





0914AmandaRaynes_BIOAmanda Raynes





0914JaimeLonga_BIOJaime Longa





0914BrianJillson_BIOBrian Jillson





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