21 Under 31: Young Artists to Watch in 2014 | Brett Scheifflee


Brett Scheifflee, The End, oil, 10 x 10.Art Education: I was lucky to study under some excellent professors at the Rochester Institute of Technology in upstate New York, where I earned my bachelor of fine arts degree.

Creative Spark: Seeing a really great painting, either in the flesh or in reproduction, has always made me antsy to get to work and see what I can do.

Second-Choice Career: I’d like to say a surgeon, but I am to math what people are to the moon. I’m all in with painting!

Other Passions: Tennis. I am a fanatic, and I have fond memories of coaching a women’s NCAA team. Other passions include being outdoors and exploring the endless beauty of nature.

Best Advice Received: Sink in to who you are.

Pet Peeve: When people disrespect nature.

Mantra or Motto: Forget the sensationalism. The real glory is in the everyday nuts and bolts. Keep them well-oiled.

Favorite Studio Music: Audiobooks and podcasts. Painting can be lonely, and I enjoy learning and hearing other people’s stories while I work.

Favorite Work by Another Artist: Few art experiences compare to that of seeing paintings by Johannes Vermeer and Frederic Edwin Church.

Future Goals: To keep improving as a painter and to gain more success along with that.

Price Range: $500 to $10,000.

Representation: Ann Korologos Gallery, Basalt, CO.

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