21 Under 31: Young Artists to Watch in 2014 | Destiny Bowman


Destiny Bowman, Reflection of an Orange, oil, 9 x 12.

Destiny Bowman, Reflection of an Orange, oil, 9 x 12.

Art Education: I went to the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, but I didn’t complete the program. Two years ago I picked 
up a charcoal pencil and started doing detailed portraits. So my drawing was more or less self-taught. Then I met Daniel Sprick. I started working with him—five days a week for eight months—on my painting technique. His ideas really resonate with me.

Style: Representational realism.

One Thing People Don’t Know About You: I have a huge addiction to dark chocolate. I also have this kind of weird affinity to certain types of fabric. When it’s the right type of fabric, I like to roll it between my fingers.

Biggest Fear: To speak in front of a large group. Actually, it wouldn’t even have to be that large of a group. It terrifies me, which is why I’m so good at being alone in my studio for long periods of time.

Pet Peeve: Being late. I’m the person who is always 10 minutes early. I guess it is a matter of respect for me.

Quirkiest Trait: Sometimes I get into a working mode in the studio and I listen to the same album over and over again.

Favorite Work by Another Artist: THROUGH MY FINGERS by Daniel Sprick. When I was working in his studio, it was hanging on his wall for quite some time. It had so much detail. He gave just as much attention to one little tiny bead as he did to the large fabric areas.

Price Range: $600 to $6,000.

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