21 Under 31: Young Artists to Watch in 2013 | Najin Bae


Najin Bae, Hong Kong Express, oil, 15 x 30.

Najin Bae, Hong Kong Express, oil, 15 x 30.

Art Education: I studied industrial design at Sungshin Women’s University in Korea for two years, and I am currently pursuing a bachelor of fine arts degree at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Style: Contemporary realism.

Creative Spark: I am inspired by ordinary daily scenes that could take on special meaning from my perspective.

Second-Choice Career: If I didn’t decide to start painting, I might have kept the major that I started pursuing while I was in Korea. At the time, I was unsure whether to change my major from industrial design to fine art because fine art seemed quite unrealistic. But I decided to choose the thing for which I have more enthusiasm. Fortunately, I am happy with my choice of fine art now.

Najin Bae, The Spicy Kettle, oil, 16 x 16.

Najin Bae, The Spicy Kettle, oil, 16 x 16.

Other Passions: I am also interested in photography, especially urban landscapes. I train my ability to observe things by taking pictures. I strongly believe that the more I think and observe, the more I add to my skill and value as an artist.

Best Advice Received: Good pieces of artwork have 50 percent emotion and 50 percent reason.

Biggest Fear: I fear all insects.

Mantra or Motto You Live By: Just stay steady and you will achieve your goal.

Future Goals: My goal is to share my thoughts and emotions with as many people as I can through my paintings.

Price Range: $600 to $3,000.

Representation: www.najinbaeart.com.

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