21 Under 31: Young Artists to Watch in 2017: Olympia Altimir

Olympia Altimir

Olympia Altimir, Back to the Primitive, oil, 24 x 36.

Olympia Altimir, Back to the Primitive, oil, 24 x 36.

Art Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Style: I consider myself a surrealist and symbolic painter. I also like to experiment with different media, and sometimes when I paint, I move all the way into abstraction.

Creative Spark: Good movies, books, myths, my own dreams, and amazing work by other artists.

Second-Choice Career: I would be a psychologist.

Other Passions: To travel, to cook, to be introspective, to daydream, to have challenging debates, to interpret dreams, and to win.

One Thing People Don’t Know About You: I’m from a tiny European country, Andorra, of which most people have never heard. And my native language is Catalan.

Best Advice Received: When stuck, try stepping back, flipping your canvas, looking at a photo of your painting, or turning your painting into a black-and-white study to see the values.

Biggest Fear: I fear being mediocre.

Pet Peeve: Rude people. People who don’t keep their word. And people who insist on trying to change my mind.

Quirkiest Trait: I never answer the phone.

Mantra or Motto: The hard work puts you where the good luck can find you.

Favorite Studio Music: Either heavy metal or electronic music.

Favorite Work by Another Artist: Pretty much any piece by Brad Kunkle.

Future Goals: International exposure, working in a beautiful studio, inspiring more people on a deeper level, and being a badass mom.

Price Range: $400 to $2,000.

Representation: Wonderland SF, San Francisco, CA.

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