Andrew Peters, Spring Hawk, oil, 24 x 30.

Andrew Peters | Wild at Heart

These days Andrew Peters is known for his luminous interpretations of the American West. With a painterly, impressionistic sensibility, he depicts mountain peaks at daybreak, snow-covered hay bales, and alpine rivers above timberline.
Eric Merrell, Desert Shores, oil, 40 x 40.

Eric Merrell | A Sense of Wonder

A key moment in the development of Eric Merrel's nocturnes was the realization that, since subjects in the dark all had similar values without much of the contrast one sees by daylight, he had to depict form by using color alone.
David Caton, The Sawtooths, oil, 48 x 60.

David Caton | Beyond the Literal

If you didn’t know that David Caton was a landscape painter, the first sign you might see of his lifelong, deep connection with nature are the glass cases that hold his extensive collection of seashells from around the world.