Show Preview | Fall Gold

Jackson, WY
Trailside Galleries, September 7-20

Kyle Sims, A Day in the Slough, oil, 36 x 56.

Kyle Sims, A Day in the Slough, oil, 36 x 56.

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This month, Trailside Galleries in Jackson presents its annual Fall Gold show, which includes a group wildlife show, a Kyle Sims solo show, and a Renso Tamse showcase. The show, which culminates with an artists’ reception and sale on Saturday, September 19, from 5 to 7 p.m., features two to three works from a dozen or so gallery artists, in addition to a dozen pieces by Sims and 10 watercolor works by Tamse.

Maryvonne Leshe, managing partner of the gallery, says collectors can find pretty much anything in the way of animals and wildlife at the show. “African wildlife, North American big game, and domestic animals as well,” she says. “If it has four legs, we have it,” she adds with a laugh. The show also offers a broad range of styles, from Ezra Tucker’s life-size bear and bighorn paintings to Sueellen Ross’ highly detailed cat and dog pieces to Dinah Worman’s bovine-dappled landscapes. Other participating artists include painters Carl Brenders, Guy Coheleach, Joseph Sulkowski, James Morgan, Adam Smith, Daniel Smith, and Dustin Van Wechel, as well as sculptors Veryl Goodnight, Sherry Salari Sander, and J.C. Dye.

The gallery spotlights the work of Montana-based artist Sims in his solo show entitled Kyle Sims: Under the Big Sky. “Sims has been with the gallery for over 10 years now,” says Leshe, “and he’s been asked to join the Masters of the American West and the Prix de West.” His work captures North American big game from buffalo to bears, as well as iconic smaller animals like the river otter and bobcat.

Ezra Tucker, Big Mountain Rising, oil, 96 x 56.

Ezra Tucker, Big Mountain Rising, oil, 96 x 56.

In a separate showcase, the gallery introduces the watercolor works of Dutch artist Tamse, who is well-known in Europe for his depictions of exotic African animals as well as European and North American wildlife. Tamse says he has a story that he needs to tell about life and nature. “I need to tell this story, and the best way for me to tell it is through my art. This story is about the circle of life [that] every creature and plant on this planet lives in,” he says. “Everyone knows circles should remain unbroken. As humans, we are given an important task in this circle. It is called preservation. I hope my art helps people to see and open their eyes.”

As part of the group show, Tucker brings life-size portraits of North American animals. “This unexpected scale can trigger an emotional reaction of awe and evoke pleasure from the viewer,” Tucker says. “I usually present my subject as worthy of more than a glance. This can bring an acute awareness and appreciation of a creature that is normally unapproachable or intimidating.”

The artists’ reception happens in conjunction with Jackson Hole’s popular Fall Arts Festival and the Jackson Hole Art Auction, when many artists and collectors are in town. Leshe adds that while the Fall Gold show does take place as the leaves begin to turn golden in the Jackson area, the “gold” also refers to
the many medals and awards won by the participating artists. —Laura Rintala

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