Show Preview | The Marshall Gallery of Fine Art: Jordan Abernethy

Scottsdale, AZ
April 17

Jordan Abernethy, Poseidon, bronze, 20 x 24 x 9.

Jordan Abernethy, Poseidon, bronze, 20 x 24 x 9.

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The old adage, while perhaps a bit of a cliché, is true: When one door closes, another opens. No one is more aware of this truth than Jordan Abernethy, an Arizona-based wildlife sculptor who has recently emerged on the representational art scene. “I became a sculptor really out of failure,” Abernethy says, explaining that years ago he had a very successful career with a large construction company, but when the housing market crashed, he lost his job and struggled to get back on his feet. “I was looking for work for a long time, but I couldn’t find anything that paid even close to what I had been making,” he says. Rather than give up, Abernethy returned to school to pursue his associate degree. “I decided to study art because it was the only thing I was really interested in,” he says, adding, “If I’d gone for a business degree, I never would have made it through school.” His choice may not have seemed the most practical at first, but it was certainly serendipitous in the end.

Jordan Abernethy, Giza Kikau, “Dark Wanderer,” bronze, 19 x 31 x 17.

Jordan Abernethy, Giza Kikau, “Dark Wanderer,” bronze, 19 x 31 x 17.

Abernethy has been sculpting for about three years now, and he is quickly gaining recognition for his bronze interpretations of powerful, majestic creatures—including horses, elephants, Cape buffalo, and other wildlife. On April 17, The Marshall Gallery of Fine Art (formerly Marshall-LeKae Gallery) in Scottsdale, AZ, hosts a special event featuring the artist and his work. “[Abernethy] will be sculpting live in the gallery, and we will have several new pieces on view,” explains Randy Jones, one of the gallery’s senior art consultants.

Abernethy is honored and excited to present his latest work at the gallery. “I was very lucky to get into The Marshall Gallery right off the bat,” he says. “Peter Strub has been a huge supporter of mine from the beginning. He really took a chance on me, especially considering I was a brand-new sculptor with no name recognition whatsoever.” Mindful of these factors and grateful for the opportunities he has had, Abernethy has approached his new profession with purpose, dedication, and sheer gusto. “I wanted to come out of the gate swinging,” he says. It’s an attitude that is sure to pay off. —Lindsay Mitchell

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