Show Preview | Celebration of Fine Art

Scottsdale, AZ
January 11–March 23

A Celebration of Art by Maia Leisz depicts objects created by other participating artists.

A Celebration of Art by Maia Leisz depicts objects created by other participating artists.

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It’s a place where artists and art lovers connect. A place where artists’ works are on display and the act of creation itself can be witnessed. The 24th annual Celebration of Fine Art boasts 100 working artists in a 40,000-square-foot enclosure where visitors can observe the birth and growth of a piece of art, right before their eyes, as artists set up temporary mini-studios for the 10-week event.

Open daily from January 11 to March 23, the show features a confluence of artists working in all styles and mediums in an environment unlike any gallery in the fine-art world. “For people who like contemporary, western, abstract, or traditional art, there’s something for everyone,” says show co-owner Susan Morrow Potje. “We have paintings, ceramics, wood furniture, and sculpture pieces. And all the artists are there working through the entire show.”

The show features special events throughout, as well as weekly bronze pour demonstrations, daily ceramic firings, and wood-turning demonstrations. With jewelry making and sculpting all happening on site, visitors can see and interact with the artists as they create.

Ceramic vessel by Joe Woodford with painting by Whitney Peckman.

Ceramic vessel by Joe Woodford with painting by Whitney Peckman.

Because the show brings people together for an extended period of time, artists have started to collaborate with each other, creating unique pieces of art that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. “It started very organically among the artists and continues to grow every year,” Potje says. “We have a fresco painter who’s depicting bronze pieces in her work. Last year one of our painters did a still life, and all of the items in the painting were objects of art created by other exhibitors at the show. There’s so much that goes on, it truly is an experience people can’t get anywhere else.”

Among the many notable artists participating this year are James Ayers, Elaine Coffee, Santiago Michalek, Timothy Chapman, Curt Mattson, and Paul Rhymer. “I think we have the greatest combination of art that we’ve ever put together, and we’re really excited to share it with visitors,” Potje says. “This is our 24th year producing the show, and the quality just gets better every year.” —Joe Kovack

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