Art Events & Show Previews

Our Show Previews and Auction Previews offer in-depth coverage of the top art events happening in the West and beyond. Each month, the editors zero in on some of the most important openings, invitationals, exhibitions, auctions, fairs, festivals, and more around the country. We offer substantial information about each event, along with plenty of big, beautiful images of works that are in the show. Click on the links below to get great information on every event we’ve covered.

Tina Bohlman, Waitin’ for the Crew, watercolor, 20 x 24.

Show Preview | Plein Air Southwest Salon

Spring has sprung and it’s time once again to celebrate the art of plein-air painting at the 12th annual Plein Air Southwest Salon, an exhibition and sale of more than 200 colorful creations by top plein-air artists from around the country.
Mark Bailey, Xiao Bao Nocturne, oil, 40 x 30.

Show Preview | Governor’s Art Show

It’s more than just the finest Colorado painters and sculptors coming together in one exhibition—there are also live music performances, flash mobs, opera singers, a plein-air festival, bagpipers, and more.
George Hallmark, La Parroquia, oil, 36 x 36.

Show Preview | George Hallmark

So, for the momentous occasion—his first full one-man show in nearly 20 years—he completed 20 new oil paintings that portray the pastoral towns and back roads of his travels with his wife, Lisa. The exhibit opens at Legacy Gallery on Saturday, March 18, with an artist’s reception and sale by draw...