Art Events & Show Previews

Our Show Previews and Auction Previews offer in-depth coverage of the top art events happening in the West and beyond. Each month, the editors zero in on some of the most important openings, invitationals, exhibitions, auctions, fairs, festivals, and more around the country. We offer substantial information about each event, along with plenty of big, beautiful images of works that are in the show. Click on the links below to get great information on every event we’ve covered.

Dan Chen, Spring, bronze, 29 x 20 x 6.

Show Preview | Plein Air & More

Hosted in a town considered one of the most beautiful places in the world by National Geographic, the weekend event allows attendees to watch nearly 50 painters, sculptors, and craftsmen in action.
Kyle Ma, Yellow Zinnias, oil, 9 x12.

Show Preview | Kyle Ma

Although he doesn’t follow a strict process for his loose, impressionistic paintings, Ma generally starts with big shapes and ensures the relationships between drawing, value, and color are correct.
Kim Power, After the Flood, oil, 16 x 12.

Show Preview | Palette

Guided by an interest in examining the building blocks of creativity, Abend Gallery and Gallery 1261 asked artists to paint directly on their palettes, bringing together the beginning and final stages of an artwork in one place.