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Our Show Previews and Auction Previews offer in-depth coverage of the top art events happening in the West and beyond. Each month, the editors zero in on some of the most important openings, invitationals, exhibitions, auctions, fairs, festivals, and more around the country. We offer substantial information about each event, along with plenty of big, beautiful images of works that are in the show. Click on the links below to get great information on every event we’ve covered.

Peggy McGivern, Chance Encounter, mixed media, 24 x 24.

Show Preview | Peggy McGivern

McGivern's latest show, titled Visual Thoughts: Kindred Memories and Dreams, is the culmination of those memories and inspirations on canvas—an ode to her family and families everywhere.
Kathy Anderson, Red Spring With Ruby and Tulips, oil, 16 x 15.

Show Preview | Kathy Anderson & Mark Boedges

Several years ago, Legacy Gallery general manager Scott Jones traveled to Vermont to observe the Putney Painters—the group made famous by the venerable alla prima master Richard Schmid. Jones was so impressed that he later invited the group to do an exhibition at Legacy’s Scottsdale gallery.