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"Golden Harvest," Beverly Wilson, oil
“Golden Harvest,” Beverly Wilson, oil

Beverly Wilson
Using bold compositions, unique strokes, and a personal collection of colors, Beverly Wilson expresses the universal rhythms of rural life and subtle changes of the seasons, temperature and light. The land itself and man’s place in it are favorite themes. Influenced by the expressionists and colorists in her 1970s UCLA art student days, her work developed its own vibrant style. Extensive post-graduate artist travels through Umbria and Tuscany inspired in her the love of wine country and tranquil rural life that brought her, in 1983 to the Napa Valley countryside. Today she lives and paints there and wherever travels may take her.

See her works at www.beverlywilson.com

“Headin’ Home,” Brent Cooke, bronze sculpture
“Headin’ Home,” Brent Cooke, bronze sculpture

Brent Cooke
Brent had carved wood and stone for many years, and taken numerous award-winning underwater photographs, before being inspired “in ’97 or so,” to try his hand at bronze sculpture. In creating his highly-detailed works of birds and marine subjects, the Victoria, B.C., Canada-based artist endeavors to impart a sense of movement that engages and completely intrigues the viewer. His latest pieces are birds of prey in chase — the outcome being left to one’s imagination. Brent has shown his sculptures at the Loveland Invitational Show & Sale, more recently at the prestigious “Sculpture in the Park,” Loveland, Colorado, as well as galleries in Oregon, Washington, Alberta and B.C.

To view more works, please visit www.castartstudio.com

“Echoed Artifacts I,” Deborah Valiquet-Myers
“Echoed Artifacts I,” Deborah Valiquet-Myers

Deborah Valiquet-Myers
Like the world around us, Deborah Valiquet-Myers’ paintings are multi–layered studies of color, pattern, light and texture. Depth and dimension, bold design and fine detail are all hallmarks of her works. Although contemporary in style, interwoven old world details and architecturally reminiscent fragments blend old and new. Heavy textures and rich color play against an abstract palette, creating a unique blending of classical style with modern day. Deborah states, “My aim is to ignite something in the viewer that sets off a resonance within, invites their attention and draws them inward, to join in a journey of discovery.”

To view more works, please visit www.dvmfineart.com

"Lots of Squash," Felicia, bronze
“Lots of Squash,” Felicia, bronze

The majority of Felicia’s themes are portraiture, contemporary figurative Southwestern, and unique bronze vessels. Primarily caste in bronze, with editions of no more than 36, her works have won numerous awards, national acclaim, and can be found in prestigious galleries throughout the United States, as well as private and corporate collections throughout the world. A member of the National Association of Women Artists, her public works include a life-size bronze fountain of the Cahuilla Indians for the city of La Quinta, California, and figurative works for the Beaver Creek, Colorado market square.

Visit her studio/gallery in Vail Valley, Colorado and www.feliciasculpture.com

"Great Performance," Guilloume, bronze
“Great Performance,” Guilloume, bronze

Born in Colombia in 1957, Guilloume emigrated to the U.S. in 1985 and currently maintains a studio near Sante Fe. Accomplished in several media, he uses oil, watercolor, oil-pastel, pastel, pencil and ink to create his paintings, and bronze and stone for his sculptures. Guilloume’s work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in Los Angeles, Scottsdale, Sedona, Sante Fe, and Albuquerque, as well as in his native Colombia. “When I look at a person, I see beyond the persona and the temporary attributes of age, beauty and style,” he explains, adding, “it is there that I find the circles and the roundish forms that define the very essence of the human figure.”

View more of his works at www.guilloume.com

“Torrey Pines,” Jeff Yeomans, oil
“Torrey Pines,” Jeff Yeomans, oil

Jeff Yeomans
Native Californian Jeff Yeomans documents daily experiences and familiar moments, a visual journal of light, color and form that explores the fragile beauty of California and connected urban landscape that ultimately impacts it. He explains, “I feel a responsibility to document California today, in the same way the early California painters did in their era. I enjoy painting landscapes, especially when they help increase our awareness of our roles as conservators of the land. I also hope that a study of an older neighborhood, of people working, or of dancers sharing their culture, all bring respect to, and celebrate the diversity of our region.” Represented by Art Expressions Gallery, San Diego, Studio 7 Gallery, Laguna Beach, and Rainey Fine Arts, Newport Beach, he lives near the ocean in San Diego with his wife and two children.

For more information please visit www.jeffyeomans.com

“Sunset Splendor,” Lauren Knode
“Sunset Splendor,” Lauren Knode

Lauren Knode
Lauren Knode’s chosen mediums are oil, acrylic and pastel. Painting best represents what she wants to convey about Nature’s miraculous breadth of color, diverse texture and energy of light. Skyscapes and florals, dominant themes, express her love of Nature’s grandeur and intricacies. “The spectacular radiance of a sunrise or sunset, dramatic cloud formations and light radiating through the petals of a luminous flower, fill me with great inspiration,” she states. A career artist-educator turned full-time artist in 1995 she maintains a studio in Phoenix. Her paintings and prints are in private and corporate collections across the country.

To learn more please visit www.laurenknode.com

“Parlor Games,” Nancy Stanchfield, mixed media on canvas
“Parlor Games,” Nancy Stanchfield, mixed media on canvas

Nancy Stanchfield
Working with acrylics, collected papers, fibers and charcoal, Nancy Stanchfield’s paintings depict architectural atmospheres filled with a sophisticated elegance that is light-hearted, intimate and full of surprises. A self-taught studio artist influenced and inspired by her art background and world travels, her 35-year art career includes work in textiles, graphic art, interior design and color consulting.

Currently represented by Logan Gallery in La Quinta, California, her works can also be viewed at www.stanchfieldart.com

"Conversation," Peter Eller, oil
“Conversation,” Peter Eller, oil

Peter Eller
San Francisco-based artist Peter Eller’s work is based on oil painting technique, using smooth and heavy brushwork under layers of gold leaf and palette knife textures. As he explains, “Conceptually I mystify the pictorial space to create an atmosphere and feeling. Describing his work as “abstract iconography,” he pushes his paintings beyond the boundaries of the realm, seeing his work as a passage from one intellectual state to another, and from a place to a space.

View more of his paintings along with his sculptural works at www.petereller.net

"Valley of Fire," Richard Daniel
“Valley of Fire,” Richard Daniel

Richard Daniel
Part of the southern California art community for over 30 years, Richard Daniel participated in the early days of the flourishing art scenes of Laguna Beach and Santa Barbara in the 1970s. The rural desert of his Joshua Tree, California home studio provides rich inspiration for his paintings, many of which are large in scale. He notes, “Abstract Expressionism incorporates many different styles, emphasizing spontaneous personal expression (that is) nonrepresentational and chiefly improvisational.” To view more works, please visit www.rdanielart.com

"Yellow Mums," Roger Isabell, photograph
“Yellow Mums,” Roger Isabell, photograph

Roger Isabell
Most of Roger Isabell’s works are compilations of individual floral photographs that he sees and treats as characters in a play. “Together, they perform but they all have an individual part and they all tell a story,” he states. “Sometimes, I feature just the stars; other times an entire ensemble.” In sharing his discoveries and perspective his hope is to brighten the viewer’s day. The works themeselves are, literally, a gift from nature.

For more information please visit www.rogerisabell.com

“Red Hakhawk,” Shawn Athari, glass art sculpture
“Red Hakhawk,” Shawn Athari, glass art sculpture

Shawn Athari
With her love of history and passion for glass, Shawn Athari combines various techniques unique to her work. The essence of her work evokes and is reminiscent of many historical artifacts. Shawn’s contemporary sculptures have included the Disney figures for Walt Disney Corp, vast Synagogue windows and a body of work without boundaries. Shawn is honored to have her work included in many prominent personal and corporate collections.

For more information about Shawn’s works, please visit www.shawnathari.com

Jewelry Box, Tom Thornton, fine art woodcraft
Jewelry Box, Tom Thornton, fine art woodcraft

Tom Thornton
With an eye to lasting quality, fine art woodwork artisan Tom Thornton creates his works by crafting and then precisely glueing contrasting woods together, piece by piece. Not veneers his designs incorporate a segmented and laminated woodworking technique that has earned him a number of awards as well as a place in leading juried fine art shows and galleries. Tom notes, “I especially enjoy watching people discover the ‘secrets’ to my boxes: the concealed hardware, hidden buttons and sliding mechanisms that unexpectedly open (previously undiscovered) drawers and compartments.”

Learn more at www.tomthorntonwoodworking.com