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Evergreen, CO
Evergreen Fine Art, November 20-December 5

Edward Aldrich, A Midnight Stroll, oil, 8 x 12.

Edward Aldrich, A Midnight Stroll, oil, 8 x 12.

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Evergreen Fine Art recognizes that big things come in small packages with its sixth annual Miniature Masterpieces show. Honoring a tradition that dates back to ancient Greece and has endured into the modern age, Miniature Masterpieces showcases the extraordinary dexterity essential to creating visually and intellectually enticing works of art on a small scale. The exhibition features 50 artists selected from Evergreen’s stable, along with several guests, and offers well over 100 pieces, all of which measure less than 120 square inches. Gallery owners Barb Hadley and Phil Shanley are proud to present their latest assembly of miniatures. “These are high-quality pieces by some of the best artists working today,” they say.

Miniature Masterpieces opens on Friday, November 20, when the gallery hosts a reception for the artists from 5 to 8 p.m. The large collection consists of two- and three-dimensional works from several genres in a variety of styles. “There’s a little bit of everything,” says Doug Kacena, Evergreen’s director of exhibitions. The group of participating artists includes painters Keith Bond, G. Russell Case, Kim English, Jeff Legg, Dave Santillanes, and Kevin Weckbach. A number of sculptors, among them Karryl, Stephen LeBlanc, Rosetta, and Pati Stajcar, all bring bronze and stone pieces to the show.

Noted wildlife painter Edward Aldrich contributes three pieces to this year’s exhibition, expertly harnessing the power of such noble animals as the elk and the wolf within the confines of a scaled-down picture plane. Aldrich’s lifelong admiration for animals is made apparent in his naturalistic, picturesque rendering of his subjects as majestic and monumental. Soft lines, saturated colors, and palpable atmosphere highlight each creature’s beauty, as well as its importance to a thriving natural world. “My first concern is capturing completely the beauty of what I’m painting,” Aldrich says. “I’m very interested in having people connect with animals and their inherent beauty. I like to keep in front of people how amazing they are.”

Robert Spooner, Sunflower Sunset, oil, 7 x 7.

Robert Spooner, Sunflower Sunset, oil, 7 x 7.

Robert Spooner plans to exhibit at least six pieces featuring his painterly, tactile still lifes and landscapes. Spooner extracts complexity from simple subjects as he applies and manipulates layer upon layer of pigment to emphasize the objects’ color, texture, and luminescence. The resulting compositions possess an abstracted, graphic quality that appeals to the senses and invites further interaction. “Straight-out rendering lacks adventure for me,” he says. Spooner especially enjoys working in a miniature format because it allows him to fully explore his kinetic, journey-driven process, during which compositions evolve spontaneously. “When doing miniatures, I think differently from when I’m doing studio pieces. They come out smaller, centered, and more playful.”

“Miniature Masterpieces is an absolute favorite around the holidays,” says Kacena. “It’s perfect for entry-level collectors who are just beginning to build their collections, and it’s a good opportunity for more established collectors to fill in the gaps in their collections. There’ll be several pieces by each artist, and one of the fun things about the show is that the themes and subjects are all over the board.” Miniature Masterpieces continues through Saturday, December 5. —Elizabeth L. Delaney

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