Show Preview | The Still Life Show 

Denver, CO
Arts at Denver, October 16-November 7

Michael DeVore, Pewter and Plums, oil, 16 x 16.

Michael DeVore, Pewter and Plums, oil, 16 x 16.

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This month Arts at Denver presents The Still Life Show: Flowers, Fruit, Glass & More. The show begins with an opening reception on Friday, October 16, from 5 to 8 p.m. with artists in attendance and continues until November 7. “Still-life paintings have proven to be popular with our collectors,” says gallery owner and director Paula Colette Conley. “The concept is demanding and fiercely individualistic and can be so inclusive—a farmers’ market bounty strewn across a tabletop or a bunch of brilliant daffodils in a favorite vase. The artist has the opportunity to set up a ‘perfect’ still life full of cherished pieces, to move the lighting, place specific colors side by side, add texture and dimension.”

All of the gallery’s 30-plus artists are invited to participate; those who have the greatest interest in still lifes include Michael DeVore, Jeremiah J. White, Cecilia Thorell, Sheri Farabaugh, Sarah L. Lewis, Teresa Vito, John Schisler, and Brenda Hendrix. Each artist presents one to eight works, most of which are new. “Cecilia Thorell’s works are masterpieces of beautiful balance. She studied at the Florence Academy of Art, and each of her objects demands pause and contemplation,” Conley says. “Jeremiah J. White has only been with the gallery a couple of years, but he has rapidly become a collector favorite. Self-taught, his works amaze viewers with their precision and unique narratives.”

DeVore has at least four works in the show. His still lifes remind viewers of the European masters, with neutral backgrounds and an emphasis on objects’ textures and subtle colors, as can be seen in his work PEWTER AND PLUMS. “The teapot in PEWTER AND PLUMS belonged to my grandmother, and I loved the dark, mottled patina it acquired; it reminded me of the quality that plums have,” DeVore says. “I love to paint in the style of the old masters. There are so many mechanical ways of capturing the world, but the act of standing in front of something and physically capturing it in paint allows me to show the beauty of it in a personal and visceral way.” —Joe Kovack

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