Show Preview | Sarah Lamb & Roseta Santiago

Basalt, CO
Ann Korologos Gallery, July 11-August 4

Roseta Santiago, A Moveable Feast, oil, 24 x 36.

Roseta Santiago, A Moveable Feast, oil, 24 x 36.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder at this month’s show at Ann Korologos Gallery, which is titled Capturing Beauty: Still Lifes by Sarah Lamb and Roseta Santiago. Both artists are new to the gallery and bring their interpretations of the beautiful from July 11 to August 4, with an artists’ reception on Friday, July 11, from 5 to 7 p.m.

Each approaches beauty differently through subject matter and style, yet they complement each other, something the gallery noticed and set out to display. “Both are striking still-life artists in their own right,” says gallery director Julia Novy. “They’re wonderful examples of the breadth and depth of different types of still life.”

Santiago began her dream career in fine art in Santa Fe in 2000. Previously the self-taught artist built nightclubs
and painted murals for Bass Pro Shops. Today she is known for her oil paintings of Native Americans and Southwestern still lifes in impressionistic realism. “I have the same fascination with still life as I do with people,” Santiago says. “I think that beauty is in imperfections, 
the things that aren’t so perfectly 
pretty. And if you do the painting with truth, your truth, there’s a person who’ll want that.”

Sarah Lamb, Partridges and Copper, oil, 20 x 35.

Sarah Lamb, Partridges and Copper, oil, 20 x 35.

Lamb’s love of art began as a child and blossomed into a career in the late 1990s after studying with Jacob Collins in New York City and Ted Jacobs in France. During this time Lamb realized her love of still lifes outweighed any desire to paint figures, and she focused her art on objects of everyday life like weathervanes, copper pots, and wild game. “I think it’s always a fun challenge to paint things like copper and silver,” Lamb says. “And I’m drawn to game because of the 
beautiful colors of the feathers. In PARTRIDGES AND COPPER, the texture of the feathers is what I really love to try to emulate. They don’t even look natural, they’re so beautiful.”

Each artist contributes about 12 works for the show—predominantly still lifes, with a few portraits from Santiago. “We know our clients enjoy collecting a variety of artists, styles, and subject matter,” Novy says. “We can’t wait to introduce the work of these two prominent painters to them.” —Joe Kovack

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