Contemporary Portrait Artists Every Collector Should Know

The power of portrait artists—to capture the likeness and character of a person—is one of the cornerstones of representational art. In the Southwest Art Collector’s Guide to Portraiture & Portrait Artist Rising Stars you will discover remarkable contemporary portrait painters and how they, as portraiture artists, approach their work.


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The Collector’s Guide to Portraiture & Portrait Artist Rising Stars is Southwest Art magazine’s gift to you as an aficionado, appreciator, and collector of art. You will find contemporary artists in this free eBook who have unique practices when it comes to representing human figures through portraiture, and theirs is the artwork that should be watched for, as they continue their artistic evolution. The fact that they are continuing a seemingly ageless practice of portraiture places them on a continuum of art that is filled with amazing artists who continue to see in new ways but adhere to the belief that the human form in art is an essential.

The artist portfolios included in this free eBook include:

Meet modern portrait artist Mary Qian.

Mary Qian’s oil portraits capture a sense of spirit and place. She works with a colorful palate though owes much of her historical art inspiration to the more muted palettes of the Russian Impressionists including Ilya Repin, Nicolai Fechin, and Ivan Kramskoy. She often situates her subjects out of doors for more connection to a particular environment but always seeks to capture a person’s personality or sensibility through a close study of their facial expression and bearing.

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Walt Wooten combines his classical training with a modern sensibility to create unique Indian portraits. His oil portraits often show Native American subjects in unexpected contexts and adornments, which directly parallel to how much of Wooten’s life was spent growing up—feeling out of place and constantly in unknown territory, psychologically speaking. Wooten gives legitimacy to this feeling and as a portrait painter feels drawn to recording people and places that allow him to explore these emotions but in a large context of the American Indian path.

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The third chapter in our Southwest Art Collector’s Guide to Portraiture & Portrait Artist Rising Stars is a collection of male fine art portraits from today’s leading artists. Suchitra Bhosle is drawn to the strong planes and angles found a male portrait model. Michelle Dunaway attempts to capture authenticity in her artist portrait of Jeremy Lipking. Susan Blackwood’s portrait of a seasoned cowboy is one she enjoyed creating because of the model’s latent energy and spirit. Earl B. Lewis is one of our talented watercolor portrait artists and his painting features a young man who symbolizes the high price of gentrification. Bill Schneider paints a fellow artist and catches a characteristic expression on his face. Cindy Long’s pencil portraits use pattern and subtle gradation to capture a certain mood.

This FREE download is filled with info on the best contemporary portrait artists to collect.

In the second to last chapter of the Collector’s Guide to Portraiture & Portrait Artist Rising Stars, you will find an entire essay on the art of Aaron Westerberg. He conveys character with simple yet powerful forms. Westerberg teaches workshop classes throughout the year and furthers his own artistic practice simultaneously, learning more about his craft as he helps his students see with more sophisticated ranges of vision.

This FREE download is filled with info on the best contemporary portrait artists to collect.

In the final chapter of our free eBook on portrait artists, you will find a chapter devoted entirely to the work of Huihan Liu’s vibrant portraits, which forge bonds between the people of China, Tibet, and the United States of America. As a portrait artist, Liu renders places, people, and costumes with realistic tenderness and sensitivity to color and light that are graceful and impressionistic. For Liu, expressing the beauty of humanity is at the core of his painting practice and one that has guided him through so many places, bearing witness to beautiful people and ways of life that are extraordinary.

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