Top Figurative Artists Converge at Waterhouse Gallery

Amy Lind (left) with Diane and Ralph Waterhouse

The sun stayed out, and the rain stayed away in honor of the Great American Figurative Exhibition held at Waterhouse Gallery in Santa Barbara, CA, in late November. As usual Diane and Ralph Waterhouse assembled a stellar cast of artists and their works for the annual event. Spotted at the jam-packed opening on Saturday night were participating artists Aaron Westerberg, Ignat Ignatov, Jeremy Lipking, Nancy Seamons Crookston, Peter Adams, Cesar Santos, Bryce Cameron Liston, Craig Nelson, Tony Pro, Johanna Harmon, Amy Lind, Stan Moeller, Molly Schmid, Marci Oleszkiewicz, and Kevin Beilfuus, among a host of others.

Following the opening, about 100 of the art revelers dined at Cafe Buenos Aires, an Argentine bistro located in the heart of scenic Santa Barbara. Fine art followed by fine food. When it was all over, and the last of the art lovers had climbed into a taxi, Diane and Ralph were still standing and still grinning like proud parents. “I’m already sad this is over. This is my baby,” Diane said, echoing a sentiment she expressed in Southwest Art’s November issue at the exhibit’s conclusion every year.  –Bonnie Gangelhoff

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