The Art of California: Our Newest Free Collector’s Guide to Art of the Golden State

There are few places in the United States that have as much unique identity and allure as the state of California. It is no surprise how many artists find the landscape and the people of the Golden State worthy of an entire career’s worth of exploration. In homage to the art and artists of California, Southwest Art has created The Art of California: A Sampling of Great Artists from the Golden State, a free resource guide on a quartet of artists who truly make art specific to this powerful place.

-Jake Gaedtke’s oil paintings of the California landscape are a banquet of lovely color and explore the essence of a place.

-Camille Przewodek’s plein air paintings are almost kaleidoscopic –the surfaces practically shimmer with color and light.

-Maxwell Hagege explores desert visions of lost times and forgotten peoples in his paintings, a testament to the history and complexity of this place.

-Debra Huse steers her work toward the places of California where land and sea meet. Content to depict modern industry as well as natural beauty, Huse looks for the beauty in the real.

For art collectors and enthusiasts alike The Art of California: A Sampling of Great Artists from the Golden State is an asset highlighting all the incredible painting being done in that westernmost state. Download your copy of The Art of California and enjoy!