Show Targets Top Still-Life Painters

Channeling Johns (oil, 50 x 40) by Robert C. Jackson.

Robert C. Jackson is known for juxtaposing disparate elements into playful, complex compositions sprinkled with wit and hidden meanings. On the other hand Daniel Sprick creates elegant, haunting tableaux which can combine creepy skeletons with lithesome flowers. On October 15 Jackson and Sprick are two of the prominent artists who are participating in a visual feast at Denver’s Gallery 1261.

Collectors and lovers of still-life works are sure to relish viewing these eye-popping works by some of today’s best masters of the genre from across the country, including George Fischer, Scott Fraser, Mikel Glass, Janet Monafo, Heather Neill, Mark Nelson, and Charles Pfahl. The show runs October 15 through November 30. -Bonnie Gangelhoff