Free Figurative Art Collector’s Guide

Everlasting is not easy to come by in our day and age, but one genre of art that is seemingly everlasting is figurative art. Whether an artist has just started her career or is an established artist, whether they have traveled far and wide or choose to never stray far from their studios, if that artist has an attraction to figurative art, that artist will always consider her- or himself a figurative artist. Human body art stays with an artist for life, which is no surprise when you consider how powerful and mutable the human form can be—expressions through the human form that never lose their dynamism and visual interest.

Because of the everlasting power of figurative art, we have created the Southwest Art Collector’s Guide to Figurative Art & Contemporary Figurative Painters, a resource guide to the engrossing and rich genre that is contemporary figurative art. You will discover a wealth of notable figurative painters, how they create their human body art, and what compels them to create the work that they do.

Enjoy the Southwest Art Collector’s Guide to Figurative Art & Contemporary Figurative Painters and find the artists who pull you into their orbit with their figurative paintings. Theirs is the gift of turning simple lines, abstract shapes, color, and shadow into a bit of magic—compelling figurative art that explores the human condition with many an awe-inspiring result.