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Something s Funny by Oleg Stavrowsky hangs in the family room of the Galloway home. ,painting, southwest art.
Something’s Funny by Oleg Stavrowsky hangs in the family room of the Galloway home.

By Margaret L. Brown

Hanging above the fireplace in the home of Philadelphia-area collectors Lu and Beverly Galloway is a magnificent, large-scale painting by Cowboy Artists of America member Roy Andersen. Titled The One They Called Braveheart, the painting is the focal point of the room, which appears on our cover. “No question, this is a beautiful, striking piece—the painting screams pride,” says Lu. The Galloways are transplanted Texans who began collecting western art about four years ago. “What we are collecting is about our heritage and about our roots,” says Beverly of their paintings and sculpture by historic and contemporary western artists.

The room in the Galloway’s home that I am most envious of is the study, a serene space that showcases Beverly’s favorite artwork, a Joseph Sharp painting of an Indian by firelight. I can imagine sitting in the study opposite this beautiful painting, sipping apricot tea from a china cup, writing this column.

But instead I am curled up in a chair in my own home enjoying my tea from a ceramic mug and contemplating the newest addition to my art collection: a small Acoma pot that I bought for $15 this past weekend at the Santa Fe Indian Market. Made by 94-year-old Frances Torivio, this little pot is really quite wonderful. The simple graphics are charming, and I am inspired by the artist’s strong creative spirit.

This issue celebrates collecting fine art, whether an inexpensive pot or a painting worth many thousands of dollars. In addition to touring the Galloway’s home, we look at recent additions to the Los Angeles Athletic Club collection and visit 15 galleries where you can find high-quality, original artworks for less than $1,000—a perfect way to start your collection.

I hope you enjoy the issue. Beginning in January, we’ll feature a collector’s home each month. If you have suggestions for a house we should “tour,” please give me a call.

Featured in October 1999