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Success Stories | Richard Greeves

RICHARD GREEVES By Bonnie Gangelhoff To hear Richard Greeves explain it, he was predestined to sculpt bronze figures celebrating the Lewis and Clark expedition. “Being born in St. Louis, where their Corps of Discovery started out, I was surrounded by that history,” he says. “As a kid I haunted the Missouri Historical Society, one of […]

Jami Tobey | Magical Landscapes


By Norman Kolpas Look at paintings by Jami Tobey and many stylistic labels flash through your mind. Her paintings seem impressionistic, capturing scenes and images through loose composition, vibrant colors, fluid movement, and shifting light. Yet the simplified shapes and flattened depth of field also seem to speak of comic-book-inspired pop art. Look again and […]

Legends of Fine Art | Kenneth Bunn

By Norman Koplas A single glimpse of a wildlife sculpture by Kenneth Bunn provides ample proof of the artistic precept that you don’t necessarily have to capture every minute detail to be true to life. “I work in impressionistic surfaces,” Bunn explains, “with the goal of being true to the spirit of the animal.” That […]