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Art Trends | Gallery Owners

By Norman Kolpas Gallery owners across the nation share their insights on the coming year’s art scene Mark Tarrant at Mountain Trails Gallery MARK TARRANT MOUNTAIN TRAILS GALLERY JACKSON, WY What’s happening in 2008 at Mountain Trails? We’re going to work with fewer artists so that we can put more attention and energy into each […]

Top Emerging Artists of 2009 | Gregory Frank Harris

By Norman Koplas Contemporary landscapes in oil or acrylic by Gregory Frank Harris defy easy categorization, even by the artist himself. “I would say they’re minimalist,” he begins. “Still representational, of course, but up close they’re very abstract, with a total lack of detail. Maybe you could call them abstracted landscapes.” The artist credits that […]

Top Emerging Artist of 2009 | Norman Akers

By Norman Koplas With their swirling compositions of realistically rendered animals, Indian and Anglo symbols, geometric shapes, and map grids, the large-scale oil paintings of Norman Akers resemble nothing so much as dreams captured on canvas. “Let’s face it,” the artist laughs, “surrealism has had a connection to my work. I’m fascinated with both the […]