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Randy Honerlah, Aloha Nani: beautiful beauty, acrylic on canvas, 40 x 30.

Works of Nature 2017

In the following pages, meet a sampling of fine artists who honor our planet’s beauty, mystery, and magnitude in a variety of mediums and styles.
Jeremy Winborg, The Potato Seller, oil, 24 x 18.

Jeremy Winborg | Following his Heart

Gradually, the artist found less and less satisfaction in merely “painting what I thought would sell.” That’s when he began turning back to the mostly American Indian-inspired figurative works that the East Coast gallery owner had warned him to avoid.
Karmel Timmons, The Horse Knows, pencil, 18 x 22.

Karmel Timmons | Drawing on Determination

Initially Timmons focused primarily on detailed, close-up imagery of horses’ heads and necks. Over the years her compositions developed and expanded to include the entire animal, multiple horses, and sometimes a horse and rider.