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Teruko Wilde, The Search for That Secret Place: 14, oil, 24 x 24.

Show Preview | Teruko Wilde

In more than 30 new oil paintings on view at Total Arts Gallery this month, Wilde continues to glean inspiration from nature and the deeper, personal questions it can prompt, but her style has visibly shifted to abstraction.
Mejo Okon, The Reverend, oil, 12 x 12.

Mejo Okon | In Living Color

At the age of 65 and advantageously based in Albuquerque, NM, Mejo Okon is delighted to be painting these willing western subjects every day in dramatic, realistic compositions that are as richly glowing as a classic Technicolor western movie.
Kyle Polzin, Iron & Indigo, oil, 19 x 15.

Show Preview | Polzin & Peters

This month, new still-life paintings by Kyle Polzin hang from Thursday, July 5, through Sunday, July 15, at the gallery’s Jackson, WY, location. Then, for 10 days beginning on Thursday, July 19, western landscape paintings by Robert Peters take the limelight.