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Sydney Laurence, Mount McKinley, Alaska, oil, 20 x 15. Estimate: $15,000-$25,000.

Auction Preview | California & Western Auction

The Fortune work is just one of 125 pieces of American western art—each valued at $4,000 or more, and spanning the 19th century through the present—that go to the block at 6 p.m. at Bonhams’ Los Angeles location. The auction is simulcast at its San Francisco location as well.

John Clymer, Stalking Buffalo, oil, 16 x 20. Estimate: $80,000-$120,000.

Auction Preview | Arts of the American West

The auction presents more than 400 lots replete with paintings, drawings, and bronzes by early and contemporary western artists, including quintessential works by John Clymer and Wilson Hurley. Also on the auction block are Navajo textiles, Pueblo pottery, southwestern jewelry, beadwork, and basketry. The auction preview opens at 10 a.m. on Saturday, November 5.

Peter Fiore, Winter Tangle, oil, 18 x 18.

Peter Fiore | The Forest & The Trees

Peter Fiore’s oeuvre is a work in progress—a visual coalescence of ever-growing knowledge, technique, and aesthetic ideals. Each successive body of work builds upon the last to reflect not only the current moment in his journey but also the accumulation of every one that came before.

Lester Salazar (Florida), Bougainvillea Corner, watercolor, 14 x 11.

Beyond the West 2016

The West is so often celebrated for its natural wonders and beauty that—for some—it risks overshadowing the equally lovely marvels beyond it.

Eric Jacobsen, Barren Trees, oil, 11 x 14.

Eric Jacobsen | Painting from Life

Jacobsen’s penchant for painting on location also reflects his admiration for a long line of artists—landscape, figurative, or still-life—whose mastery was due, at least in part, to painting directly from life.

Don Sahli, Yellowstone Falls, oil, 16 x 20.

Show Preview | Windows to the Divine

Titled Abstraction & Representation: Finding Common Ground, the show, which opens on Thursday, November 17, also spotlights, for the first time, a host of abstract artists alongside the usual cadre of mainly representational artists.

John Schooley, Mama Beside You, watercolor on paper, 22 x 18.

Art of Watercolor 2016

The world's oldest watercolor paintings date back to paleolithic cave paintings in southern France, but the art form didn’t grow roots as an artistic mainstay until thousands of years later, thanks to early watercolor masters like Albrecht Dürer.