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Kevin Kehoe, Laundromat, oil, 26 x 40.

Emerging Artists | Kevin Kehoe

Now the full-time artist says he’s “aiming high” to make up for lost time, but in many ways, his illustrious, 30-year advertising career favorably shaped his habits today as a painter, including his penchant for conceiving ideas in “campaigns and series.”
Frances Pampeyan, Ferris Wheel and Ferry, oil, 12 x 12.

Emerging Artists | Frances Pampeyan

Today, as a part-time nurse, she makes time to pursue her true calling, a passion that has taken her to workshops around the world and to national exhibitions with prominent groups like the American Impressionist Society and Oil Painters of America.
Shanna Kunz, Tributary, oil, 26 x 38.

Shanna Kunz | Landscapes of the Heart

Kunz quickly discovered that an important factor for expressing her authentic voice involved producing her paintings as series, in which she explores a particular location through as many as a dozen different works.
Josh Elliott, Almost Autumn, oil, 35 x 32.

Josh Elliott | In the Backcountry

For him, gritty realism doesn’t have to be depressing but can express other sentiments like journeys, struggles, triumphs, or feelings of belonging. In other words, gritty realism can express the human condition.