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Recent Books | September 1997

Wolf Walking By Donna Tennant Wolf Walking By Edwin Daniels Illustrated by Judi Rideout This is the first book to feature paintings by Rideout, one of North America’s best-known wildlife painters. She has won numerous awards for her popular wolf paintings with their intricate details and piercing eyes. Daniels’ text explores legends of the wolf […]

Recent Books | April 1998

By Donna Tennant Our Saints Among Us: 400 Years of New Mexican Devotional Art By Barbe Awalt and Paul Rhetts Barbe Awalt and Paul Rhetts began collecting devotional art—santos, retablos, and bultos—in the mid-1980s. After moving to Albuquerque, NM, in 1990, they stepped up their acquisitions and began educating themselves further on the subject. In […]

Recent Books | July 1998

By Donna Tennant Utah Painting and Sculpture Edited by Vern G. Swanson, Robert S. Olpin, and William C. Seifrit The first European settlers in the future state of Utah recognized the need for fine arts, and many generations since then have continued to cultivate them. Consequently Utah, along with California and New Mexico, has been […]

Recent Books | November 1998

By Donna Tennant Gone to Sanctuary: From the Sins of Confusion By John S. Kiewit “Follow the double yellow line of wheel tracks through the sand and rock, and you will find a habitation somewhere huddled in a protected place, with a few trees pointing their roots at the under-earth water, a patch of starveling […]

Recent Books | December 1998

By Donna Tennant Across Frontiers: Hispanic Crafts of New Mexico By Dexter Cirillo For four centuries, artisans of Chimayó, Códova, Truchas, Las Trampas, Talpa, and other New Mexico villages have been creating crafts in the tradition of their Spanish forebears. This survey of the thriving Hispanic craft movement in the Southwest begins by tracing the […]

Recent Books | May 1997

By Donna Tennant All This Way for the Short Ride: Roughstock Sonnets, 1971-1996 Poems by Paul Zarzyski Photographs by Barbara Van Cleve First paired in the book called simply Roughstock Sonnets, poet and former bareback rider Paul Zarzyski and photographer Barbara Van Cleve (both from Montana) have produced 20 new poems and 35 photographs for […]

Recent Books | April 1997

By Donna Tennant Latin American Art in the 20th Century Edited by Edward J. Sullivan This is not your usual survey. When Edward J. Sullivan, professor of art at New York University, was invited to write a history of 20th-century Latin American art, he declined. Instead, seeking a truly Latin American viewpoint, he invited art […]

Recent Books | May 1998

By Donna Tennant Keith Carter Photographs: Twenty-Five Years By Keith Carter This book brings together 75 photographs selected by Keith Carter to represent the range of his work since the 1970s. Many of these images have never before been published, while others appeared in his five previous books. Carter describes his maturation as a self-taught […]